Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! (Keeping this, just because – my first WordPress Blog)

This blog is to document my entry in the RetroChallenge Winter Wakeup Contest (http://www.wickensonline.co.uk/retrochallenge-website/index.html).  This contest is for people who are interested in antique computing.  I got started in computing back in 1975 and had actually gotten started in electronics back in 1962 or thereabouts.  So I am interested in electronics and computers from that early time period.  I do not know what will happen with this blog after the contest is over; it may dry up and blow away, or it may cover other retro computing posts.  We will see…

For my RCWW entry, I would like to take an old Zenith 286 laptop computer (this is NOT a notebook – the thing weighs somewhat just under about a million kilos and tends to rip arms out of sockets) and bring up CP/M-86 or some such OS on it.  I will then try my hand at using it with a word processor from that time period.

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